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  1. Entraining the free-running circadian clocks of blind people

    The Lancet 386(10005):1713 (2015)

  2. Exhibition Art of the elements

    The Lancet 386(10005):1730 (2015)

  3. The dark underbelly of state capitalism in India

    The Lancet 386(10004):1620 (2015)

  4. Evelina's legacy

    The Lancet 386(10003):1526 (2015)

  5. Offline: Australia leads on climate and health

    The Lancet 386(10003):1520 (2015)

  6. The fog of war

    The Lancet 386(10002):1438 (2015)

  7. Corridors of trivia

    The Lancet 386(10002):1440 (2015)

  8. Join us at The Lancet Clinic

    The Lancet 386(10002):1431 (2015)

  9. Rosalind Franklin and Photograph 51

    The Lancet 386(10002):1439 (2015)

  10. Offline: The underrated value of friendship

    The Lancet 386(10002):1432 (2015)

  11. Leo Kanner, Hans Asperger, and the discovery of autism

    The Lancet 386(10001):1329 (2015)

  12. Peripheral nerve mutilation through biodegradable conduit small gap tubulisation: a multicentre randomised trial

    The Lancet 386:S40 (2015)

    Background Although peripheral nerve injury is repaired by ingenious epineurial neurorrhaphy, functional recovery is usually not satisfactory and is hindered by many factors, including the misconnections of sensory and motor nerve fibres, difficulties in target organ reinnerv...
  13. Task shifting of traditional birth attendants in rural China: a qualitative study of the implementation of institution-based delivery policy

    The Lancet 386:S41 (2015)

    Background Institution-based delivery, with the ultimate goal of universal access to skilled birth attendance, has been selected as a key strategy to reduce maternal mortality rate in many developing countries. However, the question of how to engage traditional birth attendan...
  14. Cardiovascular disease deaths and high sodium consumption in Shandong province and China: a modelling analysis

    The Lancet 386:S80 (2015)

    Background Sodium intake and the prevalence of increased blood pressure are high in China, especially in northern China, including Shandong province where the Shandong-Ministry of Health Action on Sodium and Hypertension (SMASH) is currently underway. The aim of this study is...
  15. Prenatal and postnatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides and child neurodevelopment in an agricultural area of Jiangsu province, China: a cohort study

    The Lancet 386:S83 (2015)

    Background Children's exposure to organophosphorous pesticides attracted global concerns because of their vulnerability and physiological differences compared with adults. Few studies have examined the associations of both prenatal and postnatal organophosphorous exposure wit...
  16. Prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity among Chinese adults in 2004–10: data from three nationwide surveys in China

    The Lancet 386:S77 (2015)

    Background Obesity has become a global epidemic and is a common risk factor for many chronic diseases. Few data for the prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity in Chinese adults have been obtained over the past decade. We aimed to estimate changes in the prevalence of...
  17. The Confucius Hometown Aging Project: a community-based study of ageing and health in a rural area

    The Lancet 386:S57 (2015)

    Background Vascular risk factors (eg, smoking, hypertension, and diabetes) are associated with cognitive and physical dysfunction in old age. We hypothesised that atherosclerotic process plays a central part in linking vascular risk factors and disorders to cognitive and phys...
  18. Smoking attitudes between smokers and non-smoker secondary school students in three geographic areas of China: a cross-sectional survey based on social cognitive theory

    The Lancet 386:S78 (2015)

    Background According to a 2014 China youth tobacco report, nearly 7% of junior secondary school students are using tobacco products and 30% of junior secondary school boys have tried tobacco products. The attitudes of secondary school students to smoking give insight into the...
  19. Newborn birth weight, length, and head circumference for gestational age in Guangzhou based on the INTERGROWTH-21st standard: a multiyear hospital liveborn cohort study

    The Lancet 386:S48 (2015)

    Background WHO's INTERGROWTH-21st Project published an international standard for newborn size using a rigorous method. We aimed to examine the frequency of small and large birth weight, length, and head circumference for gestational age for live births in Guangzhou, China. ...
  20. Media contribution to violence against health workers in China: a content analysis study of 124 online media reports

    The Lancet 386:S81 (2015)

    Background Violence against health workers has been widely reported by the Chinese media. We aimed to identify the characteristics of the violent events as reported by the media and explore the possible role of media in such violence.