1. Determination of the phenolic composition from Brazilian tropical fruits by UHPLC–MS/MS

    Food Chemistry 180:280 (2015)

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  2. Influence of dispersion/mixture time on mechanical properties of Al–CNTs nanocomposites

    Composite Structures 126:114 (2015)

    The influence of dispersion/mixture time on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of aluminum matrix nanocomposites reinforced by carbon nanotubes (Al–CNTs) were investigated in this study. The nanocomposites were produced by conventional powder metallurgy routes. The mic...
  3. Fatty acid alkyl esters and monounsaturated alcohols production from jojoba oil using short-chain alcohols for biorefinery concepts

    Industrial Crops and Products 69:244 (2015)

    • Potential use of jojoba oil as a source of high value-added products and energy was studied. • Alcoholysis of jojoba oil with four short-chain alcohols was carri...
  4. Estimates of genetic parameters with selection within and between half-sib families of Jatropha curcas L

    Industrial Crops and Products 69:355 (2015)

    • Jatropha curcas’ seed yield exhibits predominant genetic control. • The environmental effect is the main determinant in the fruit maturation uniformity. ...
  5. Dielectrophoresis of spermatozoa in viscoelastic medium.

    Electrophoresis 36(13):1514 (2015) PMID 25492130

    Knowledge of spermatozoa motility is important in selecting suitable spermatozoa for assisted reproduction procedures. By considering the internal sliding force within an active filament, its shape in a viscoelastic Oldroyd-B fluid subjected to nonuniform electric field is presented. The resulti...
  6. Relative importance of soil physico-chemical characteristics and plant species identity to the determination of soil microbial community structure

    Applied Soil Ecology 91:8 (2015)

    • Weeds and crops showed the same growth responses to inorganic fertilization. • Soil microbial community was affected mainly by soil physico-chemical conditions. ...
  7. Effect of dielectrophoretic force on swimming bacteria.

    Electrophoresis 36(13):1485 (2015) PMID 25785901

    Dielectrophoresis (DEP) has been applied widely in bacterial manipulation such as separating, concentrating, and focusing. Previous studies primarily focused on the collective effects of DEP force on the bacterial population. However, the influence of DEP force on the swimming of a single bacter...
  8. Acetylation of barnyardgrass starch with acetic anhydride under iodine catalysis.

    Food Chemistry 178:236 (2015) PMID 25704707

    Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) is an invasive plant that is difficult to control and is found in abundance as part of the waste of the paddy industry. In this study, barnyardgrass starch was extracted and studied to obtain a novel starch with potential food and non-food applications. We ...
  9. Unequal individual genetic algorithm with intelligent diversification for the lot-scheduling problem in integrated mills using multiple-paper machines

    Computers & Operations Research 59:33 (2015)

    This paper addresses the lot-sizing and scheduling problem of pulp and paper mills involving multiple paper machines. The underlying multi-stage integrated production process considers the following critical units: continuous digester, intermediate stocks of pulp and liquor, multiple p...
  10. High-pressure phase equilibrium data for the (carbon dioxide + l-lactide + ethanol) system

    The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 86:37 (2015)

    • Equilibrium data are important for polymerization of l-lactide at high pressure. • Addition of ethanol causes a reduction in pressure to obtain a homogeneous reg...
  11. Corrosion of AISI 1020 steel in crude oil studied by the electrochemical noise measurements

    Fuel 150:325 (2015)

    • The corrosion of steel in crude oil was studied using electrochemical noise. • The data were treated using wavelet transform. ...
  12. Noise source identification with Beamforming in the pass-by of a car

    Applied Acoustics 93:106 (2015)

    Traffic noise is the most important environmental noise source. Standardized methods do not identify the main noise source or center an area of the car to do a more specific analysis. Other measurement techniques locate the noise source but have the problem of how to position the trans...
  13. The structure of symmetric basic sequences with applications to a class of Orlicz sequence spaces

    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 426(1):380 (2015)

    We prove the following general result: Let(xn)be a boundedly complete symmetric basis for a Banach space X. Then, for every symmetric basic sequence in X, we have the following alternatives: (a) it is equivalent to a basic sequence generated by a vector with respect to(xn), or (b) it d...
  14. Pilot-scale synthesis and rheological assessment of poly(methyl methacrylate) polymers: Perspectives for medical application

    Materials Science and Engineering: C 51:107 (2015)

    This work presents the rheological assessment of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) polymers synthesized in a dedicated pilot-scale plant. This material is to be used for the construction of scaffolds via Rapid Prototyping (RP). The polymers were prepared to match the physical ...
  15. Mapping and characterization of antigenic epitopes of arginine kinase of Scylla paramamosain

    Molecular Immunology 65(2):310 (2015)

    • The conformational epitopes and their key amino acid from Scylla paramamosain AK were identified. • The linear epitopes of AK were mapped using the synthesized o...
  16. Garcinielliptone FC: Antiparasitic activity without cytotoxicity to mammalian cells

    Toxicology in Vitro 29(4):681 (2015)

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  17. Eating habits and subjective well-being. A typology of students in Chilean state universities

    Appetite 89:203 (2015)

    • Three typologies were characterized among Chilean university students. • Groups differed in life satisfaction and satisfaction with food-related life. ...
  18. Acaricidal effects of fluazuron (2.5 mg/kg) and a combination of fluazuron (1.6 mg/kg) + ivermectin (0.63 mg/kg), administered at different routes, against Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus parasitizing cattle

    Experimental Parasitology 153:22 (2015)

    • We compare the acaricide effect of fluazuron administered in different routes. • Pour-on fluazuron demonstrated high acaricidal efficacy, against R. microplus. ...
  19. 210Pb and compositional data of sediments from Rondonian lakes, Madeira River basin, Brazil

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes 99:5 (2015)

    Gold exploration has been intensive in Brazilian Amazon over the last 40 years, where the use of mercury as an amalgam has caused abnormal Hg concentrations in water bodies. Special attention has been directed to Madeira River due to fact it is a major tributary of Amazon River and tha...
  20. A computational model for dynamic analysis of the human gait.

    Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical... 18(7):799 (2015) PMID 24156601

    Biomechanical models are important tools in the study of human motion. This work proposes a computational model to analyse the dynamics of lower limb motion using a kinematic chain to represent the body segments and rotational joints linked by viscoelastic elements. The model uses anthropometric...