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Pubget is currently working with librarians at dozens of universities, hospitals, companies, and other research institutions around the world. It's free to non-profit institutions and their libraries and researchers.

See if you're already activated

Pubget works best when you activate your institution. When you do, Pubget will synch with its journal holdings, providing full access to subscription content through Pubget.

Look for your organization's name in the select list on the affiliation select page.

Activating your institution

If you can't find your institution, it's probably not activated.

Oh and if you're not activated, Pubget can get you 3 million free papers.

For librarians

Pubget is building strong relationships with serials and reference librarians at hundreds of institutions around the world. If you have questions, would like to start activation, or are having a problem with Pubget at your institution.

Contact our team here.